Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dreams Of A 1950s Living Room

I have dreamed of having a 1950s living room for the longest time now. I hope the day I own my own home, I can go all out with a true retro 1950s look for my home. I have been looking through tons and tons of photos on the internet and it's truly exciting to even begin to imagine how it will look. I love how back in the 50s new trends in furniture design and decoration for the home were inspired by art.

Here's another photo that is just delightful to look at. This is a true dream right here.

I'd love to just turn back time in my home to the 1950s by decorating any room with retro items. Replace modern kitchen appliances with vintage replicas, such as toasters and refrigerators, and paint walls with a bright shade. Add instant glamor to any room in my home by hanging black-and-white images of 1950s entertainment icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis and James Dean. Display framed vintage movie posters in my den or entertainment room. If I can't find original posters, prints of many popular 1950s movies, such as "Rebel Without a Cause" and "All About Eve," I heard some are available in specialty shops.


  1. My brother is a 1950s buff, he and his (then) girlfriend decorated their house like this and it was like stepping into a time capsule. The kitchen was a pale green colour and one of the living room walls was red. They had a vintage cocktail cabinet and home-bar. Also a consignment of 'new-old' stock 1950s tableware unused and like new.

    Some drawbacks were that a lot of the second-hand stuff (because it's near impossible to get authentic items any other way) were a bit worse for wear and always 'going to be refurbished'. And frankly a vintage kitchen is not attuned to modern ways. I remember that when I was young our house had last been modernised in the mid-1950s and the kitchen was hopeless in terms of storage, nothing like the idealised kitchens of the 1950s - which few people had, if any.

    Some items like the Playstation and brand-new washing machine were out of view. It's always going to be an adjusted vintage, since some modern amenities can't be sacrificed. Who'd want to wash clothes with a vintage washing machine!

  2. Have you ever checked out a website called retro renovation? They have some great tips for achieving that whole 50's look around the house x