Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tips From A Dometic Goddess: Keep your bathroom clean and fresh-smelling!

Cleaning your bathroom may sound like an arduous task but with these easy to do tips, you and your house help will be grinning away to a clean loo in no time!

Check for clogging in the drains, WC or washbasin pipes. To de-clog, pour boiling water into the drains followed by a cup of vinegar. Do not use the bathroom for a few hours. In fact, this is best done at night. You may also try a commercial de-clogger. If the stink persists, get a plumber (a tried-tested one, preferably) to check all drainage leading to the sewage point.
General bathroom hygiene is a must. On a daily basis, clean the toilet bowl using a good commercial toilet cleaner. Opt for reliable cleaning liquid soaps to clean the washbasin and countertop. For the floors, use a squeegee to get rid of excess water, and then get your help to sweep and mop. Make sure you wipe all the sanitary fittings using a wet cloth, dry off with a fresh cloth. Also clean the mirror using a soft cloth to remove water marks.
Follow a deep-clean routine once a week. Get your help to scrub floors, wall tiles, tub and shower stall thoroughly. She can use an old toothbrush to clean any mold or fungus growing in the tile grouting and in corners. For the mirror, use a commercial glass cleaner. But make sure you never spray directly on the mirror. Instead, spray it on a pad of cloth, and wipe the glass. Finish off by rubbing with a folded newspaper.
If you are using a shower curtain, get your help to clean the ends; she needs to dip the curtain end in half a bucket of warm water with soap suds. Leave for a while and brush clean. Always spread out the curtains after bath to allow for dripping and air circulation.
Avoid dampness. Make sure there's effective cross-ventilation. Switch on the exhaust fan after you've used the bathroom. The floor must be dry. Also, never leave wet towels or bathrugs in the bathroom.
You can place potpourri in a bowl or use commercial bathroom fresheners. Choose a perfumed toilet cleaner with disinfectant. Avoid phenyl - it has a strong smell.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Is A Domestic Goddess

A domestic goddess is a woman who keeps her home clean, uncluttered, tastefully decorated, and ordered. She is an expert in the kitchen, a delightful baker, exceptional cook and incredible entertainer. A domestic goddess always looks sexy and gorgeous. She can work in the garden, carry her partner's golf clubs, put up shelves in the house, be a wonderful mother and a nympho in the bedroom. She knows and meets her spouse's every need. A domestic goddess is full of knowledge and can talk about many subjects which might be of interest to her spouse. She encourages him to watch the football game on TV and play poker with his friends. In return, a domestic goddess is adored and admired by her spouse. As she satisfies and fulfills his every need, he has no desire or need whatsoever to stray.