Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living My Life As A 1950s Housewife And Mother

So I recently started a new blog on Tumblr dedicated to the 1950s. And I got to thinking, there is nothing I want more than to raise my son in a 1950s home. Now, I am not just talking about furniture and stuff like that. No, I'm talking about morals, beliefs and totally differen't from the way most kids nowadays are being raised. We are living in such sad, tragic times. With kids starting to do drugs at a young age, and getting into all sorts of trouble. It just doesn't feel like a safe world out there anymore for our kids to be raised or to be living in. But even though I can't do much to change what's out there, I sure have control of how my home is run. And I choose to raise my child in a good home with Christian values and I get most of my inspiration from the women of the 1950s. Things might have not been perfect back in the 50s but they sure were way better than they are now. So I hope that one day my son and future children will look back and thank me for the way I raised them. And will learn to appreciate the wonderful era of the 50s as I do. And understand why it is that we are differen't from everybody else. And I think that makes us unique. Especially in a world where everyone nowadays will just follow the crowd and go with the flow just to "fit in". Well my family will be the one to make a difference. A differen't way of thinking, a differen't way of living. All in all, a better life. What could be better?